Palo Alto Medical Foundation Connection August 2008

Camino Region Doctor Seeks to Set the Record Straight
About Wine’s Health Benefits

Studies about wine consumption often make headlines in the mainstream press. However, few reporters have the scientific background and contacts to look up the original studies and put them in the proper context, says Lynn Gretkowski, M.D., of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Mountain View Center.

To help improve the quality of information about wine consumption and health available to both the public and medical professionals, Dr. Gretkowski co-founded the “Wine Doctors” Web site ( last year with her Stanford University colleague Mary Jacobson, M.D.  Through the Web site, she has already had the chance to give several lectures about the health benefits of wine locally and in Washington, D.C., and has appeared on The View from the Bay, a show on San Francisco’s ABC affiliate.  In addition, she hopes to get funding for a literature review paper that can pull together and analyze multiple research studies on the
effect of wine on health.

“A lot of our medical recommendations about wine are based on what is believed to be correct, but the recommendations have not been scientifically proven,” Dr. Gretkowski says. “There just isn’t a lot of standardized information about wine consumption for physicians to tell their patients.”


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