Diabetics who drink moderately PDF Print E-mail

JB stated, "I'm glad my son doesn't drink alcohol because he is a diabetic."  The WineDoctors would like to explore this statement.  To start, let's assume that JB's son is more than 21 years of age and that alcohol, particularly wine was not part of their family's daily routine of sharing meals and fellowship.   Several recent studies show that moderate alcohol consumption helps regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics.  (Remember, moderate alcohol consumption is 5 ounces of a 12% wine a day for women and twice that for men.).  This is counter to the prevailing misconception that alcohol is contraindicated in diabetics.  The WineDoctors do not advocate that diabetics start to drink alcohol in order to help modulate blood sugar control.  We do, however, want to make it clear that diabetics who moderately consume alcohol seem to have improved blood sugar control compared to their non-drinking counterparts.


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