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Question : LG writes: I am interested in info. pertaining to the health effects on wine for Women who have had Mastectomy due to breast tumors.

Answer : The scientific literature on this subject is very limited. The question of whether breast cancer recurrence in women with advance disease is effected by alcohol consumption is not well studied. Epidemiologic data shows a weak association (i.e., relative risk of approximately 1.2) between alcohol consumption and the diagnosis of breast cancer. The literature appears to indicate that women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer are more likely to die from other causes, while women with advanced disease are likely to succumb to complications of breast cancer. The data with regard to moderate consumption and effects on all cause morbidity and mortality would therefore appear to be applicable to the subset of breast cancer patients diagnosed early. The decision to drink moderately is clearly individualized based on all medical and health issues, as well as perceived quality of life.


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