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Gregory Forber majored in Painting and German at Colorado State University, graduating cum laude in December of 2005. While studying abroad in German and Italy, he was exposed to European collections of famous masterpieces along with many bizarre modern expositions. Such experiences continue to influence his art.

Greg enrolled in drawing classes as a young boy , and even as a child, was moved deeply by this experience. His first vivid memory of art occurred when he viewed John de Andrea's life-like sculpture Linda for the first time. Figurative art has remained a moving influence in his work ever since.

The opportunity to design an artistic boutique wine label came with much excitement, as Greg also studied wines in college. After a few trials, he created two simple but purposeful designs: Sagebrush Chardonnay and India Ink Syrah.   Both are of the same idea and intend to visually symbolize the colors, aromas and flavors of the two different varietals, while taking into account their own poetic titles. A third label, Sagebrush Winter White was added in 2009 to acknowledge the neutral French oak aging of this Alder Springs chardonnay. The three labels attempt to suit the overall harmony of the wines they represent.

Greg is currently working on a body of figurative oil paintings and was commisioned to paint a family portrait while residing in Burlington Vermont as an emerging artist.


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