India Ink 2008 Madras Syrah Print


Madras syrah reflects a style of wine that suites an eclectic palate.
 Madras is a cotton textile fabric much like seersucker, originally
 handmade in Chenai India.  It was popularized in a cult read called 
the Outsiders in the1960s equated with trendsetting 'Preppies' shorts 
and later became a homemade fabric of the hip San Francisco of 
the 1960s. It is reminiscent of the label used to brand our wine.

Madras wine is an artisanal product made from yields of approximately
2.5 tons per acre.  Hand harvesting and sorting in which 'we've
touched every grape' allows the most delicate hand made approach to
our wine.

 Madras blends the premium grapes of Thompson and White Hawk Vineyards 
of the Los Alamos area of Santa Barbara County.  Exposure to morning 
fog and concentrated intense afternoon heat concentrates flavors for 

2008 harvested in late October with a moderate growing season.  The
 berries were uniform and the seeds were crisp when they

arrived at the
 winery.    Fermentation took approximately 3 weeks with frequent
 punchdowns and cap immersion, but no prolonged maceration, as an
 exercise in restraint.  Fermentation and aging took place over 18 
months in new French Oak Barrels, hoping to balance the immense fruit
 with the cutting edge that only new oak could provide.

The palate reflects flavors of plum with aromas of violet and black
olive.  Saddle leather and the soothing quality of cough syrup make 
for a full palate.  This is a full-bodied wine that can pair with
 game, fowl and red meat.  Its acid and tannin structure will allow for 
pairing with red meats that California Cabernets may not rival.  Its
 strength is its balance of both body and acid as well as its perpetual
 evolution in the glass.  This wine can easily age for another 5-10

 600 bottles produced.